May 3, 2011

Day 304: First IB test (I didn’t actually take my camera to the testing room; It’s a practice one)

Today was nerve-wrecking sort of. I got up a little late. I went to the Pat May Center for my HL english Paper 1. It was pretty easy. I wrote a lot of pages. Time went by so quickly. It was sort of scary. After the test, we took pictures. Eh. Then I went to Taco Tuesday with the girls. mmm. At the table, we had an awesome conversation. We sounded like such IB kids. it was amazing. We are so smart. haha I learned some new things in that conversation. Then we went back to school. I didn’t do anything during 4th release except talk with the girls. During 5th release, I went to the library and studied for the HL math paper 1 for tomorrow. Then I had to leave for Drum Major Auditions, that went well. I’m so proud of all of them. No matter what happens, they were all great. Got home and watched Glee. I’m a bit disappointed with this episode >:l eh. Tomorrow is an afternoon class, so we’re going to be reviewing before it. We got shirts. It’s going to be so cute. Maybe my picture tomorrow.

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