May 10, 2011

Day 311: Last minute cramming for physics

Today was a pretty chill day. Today I finished english!! I wrote 12 pages, but i only know one other person that answered the same question as me. Whatever. I feel confident about it. In the morning, I slept in for zero period and then went to review during first period. Eh. Nothing special happened. The test wasn’t bad at all. After the test, i went home and chilled for awhile and then went back to the Pat May Center to review for physics. It started pouring and Andy had his bike so he put it under the roof, but then got a genius idea to put it in the building. The janitor saw it and told him to take it back out. It was pretty hilarious. Raunaq gave me a ride back home. It was raining really hard.

Once I got home, I watched Glee Prom. It was pretty good. So much drama and not that much singing. Next week will be good. :] Afternoon test tomorrow too, so more reviewing before the test. eh.

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